Wednesday, May 1, 2013

35 Before 35 Recap: 4 years left!

Since my birthday was this month (I turned 31) I thought it would be a good time to recap my 35 Before 35 list now that I have 4 years left on the timeline. Mind you, I've only been working on these goals for a few months, so only one of them is completed, but I did realize that most of the goals I've chosen take a lot of time and planning to complete, so I thought I'd give you a behind-the-scenes look.

35 Before 35

1. Finish knitting the scarves and socks I started for family members
 I'm on my way! I have completed several of these projects and only have a few left, which feels really good. I will unveil them here after I gift them to the recipients. I don't want to give anything away early!

2. Run the Peachtree Road Race
I should probably start training now if I hope to complete this goal. The Peachtree is an annual 10K in Atlanta and I don't think I could finish a 5K right now. Actually, I know I couldn't because I can't even run to the stop sign on my road without getting winded. I am planning to run a Color Run 5K with Lacey soon, so that should kick my training into high gear. Or low gear. Gotta start somewhere.

3. Go back to Paris
We are saving for quite a few house projects right now, but this is next! We would really like to do this for our 10 year anniversary (I'll be 33) since it's where we went on out honeymoon.

4. Go on an Alaskan cruise
See above!

5. Learn French
I have the Rosetta Stone set, but I need to actually sit down and do this.

6. Stop eating meat for good
I have cut back, but I haven't completely quit yet.

7. Go camping
My Christmas present to Donnie was a camping trip sans child. Ooh lala. We just need to set a date.

8. Lose 35 lbsI joined Weight Watchers and am really liking it so far. In fact, I have lost 10 lbs. Holler!

9. Be a better listener
While I was typing this my co-worker was talking to me and I was tuning him out, so I think this one needs more work.

10. Take yoga classes
I don't think I could commit to a class schedule because my child care schedule changes each week, but I did find a few yoga studios in my area that offer drop-in classes. I just need to go check them out now.

11. Read 100 books
I am currently working on book 8. This leaves an average of 23 books per year for the remaining 4 years. Psh. I got this.

12. Have an vegetable garden
I planted one! Donnie built me a raised bed on my birthday and I joined Smart Gardener to help me make the most of the small space. I think I even saw a cucumber sprout yesterday. Post to come!

13. Have a lower maintenance, cruelty free beauty routine
I think this needs to be divided into two separate posts because I've realized they really are distinct goals, both of which I have made progress on. I am replacing items with cruelty-free options when I run out and I will do a post on my favorites soon. Also, my new job necessitates an earlier morning waking time, so I really need to tackle the goal of figuring out a shorter get-ready ritual.

14. Complete p90x
This has definitely not happened yet. My co-worker loaned me the disks, but I have yet to get started. I think I need to start with something less intimidating and work my way up to it. I posted back in March about doing the 30 Day Shred and that didn't happen either because apparently I am incredibly lazy.

15. Host a dinner party
Not yet.

16. Go whitewater rafting
We plan to do this when we go camping.

17. Start investing in a retirement plan Not yet. But Donnie and I have recently had some serious conversations about preparing for the future and have figured out our 5 Year and 10 Year plans, so that's a start.

18. Pay off my credit card debt
I have been diligently plugging away at my debt management plan and if I stay the course I should be debt free in about 2 years.

19. Declutter my house and stick to a chore schedule
I have started decluttering and preparing for a yard sale and Donnie is getting really sick of the growing hoard of boxes in the garage, but I keep insisting that he will feel awesome when I have transformed it into a stack of cash. I am still really struggling with a chore schedule, but I have tackled our laundry situation and am staying caught up on it, so that's progress. Having less crap in my house should make keeping it clean easier.

20. Complete our remodeling plans
We have finished the hall bath. Holler! Post to come. We just embarked on Operation Curb Appeal and I could not be more excited. The two things I hate the most about our house is the carpet and the whole outside. I will be so happy to cross one of those off. I have dreams of my home being a sanctuary from the outside world and this will be a big step closer to making that happen.

21. Participate in 4 public service projects
Not yet. Do you have any ideas of what I could do?

22. Watch 100 Classic Movies
I have watched some, but my enthusiasm has waned. I have The Grapes of Wrath sitting at home and have been putting off watching it. Have you seen it? Is it any good?

23. Get my back tattoo covered up
Not yet. I pretty much have the idea worked out, I just need to save the money.

24. Keep my car clean
Not yet. This really should not be as hard as it feels.

25. Have a signature scent
I have been trying some out, but I haven't found it yet. I am becoming increasingly enamored with Rose scents and am currently using a cruelty free Rose perfume oil, which I like. I would like something a little more complex and interesting, though. Suggestions?

26. Get a nice camera and learn how to use it
Not yet.

27. Get back to my natural hair color
Redacted! Read all about it if you haven't already.

28. Take a photo I like every day for a year
I started this and then forgot for a day and felt defeated and quit. Story of my life. I plan to start again on New Years Day.

29. Make a friend who lives near me
Not yet. I probably need to leave my house and get out in my community for this to happen. There is a local bookstore on Main Street, so maybe I should start there.

30. Find a church I like
Not yet. I found one I'd really like to visit, but I haven't convinced Donnie yet.

31. Go Geo caching
This would take about half an hour to complete, so it really is a filler goal. I should just do it already! Lucas would probably really enjoy going on a little adventure.

32. Start 5 new traditions with Lucas
It is too early to tell since Lucas is only 1 and it only happened once so far, but he helped me plant the vegetable garden this year. And by "plant" I mean tried to dig up my seeds with his little plastic play shovel. He also really likes watering the flowers. By "watering the flowers" I mean trying to drink out of the hose and getting soaking wet. He is definitely my garden buddy.

33. Have a better wardrobe
This goal is underway. I have an extremely limited wardrobe and wear only 2 pairs of pants and about 6 tops on rotation. I have a new job now and have set a monthly wardrobe budget to fix this situation. Style posts to come.

34. Make my own wine/beer
I may change this to Make my own Eau de Vie. Who knows?

35. Get 100 followers on this blogI have 5. All of whom I know and are dear friends. I am an avid blog reader, but am rarely participatory. I need to really start putting myself out there.

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  1. Keeping your car clean is NOT easy. Wanna do the AIDS Atlanta 5K this year in October? I hear the hardest part about the Peachtree is the ridiculous heat, but I might be willing to do that one with you depending on what year you sign up.